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Rakuten’s “1000 Yen Only” Sections on Fashion, Food & Household Items! Check Out Our Top Favourites!

6th December 2022

As Rakuten Japan is holding a Super Sale event from now until 11th December, there will be countless goodies with great prices up for grabs. Got too much options and not sure what to buy? You can visit the “1,000 Yen Only Sections” to buy selected featured products at a whooping price of JPY1,000!

The “1,000 Yen Only Section” is available in 3 different product categories: fashion, food, and household products. All products come with free local shipping, so they can be shipped to our Japanese warehouse free of charge! Check out our top recommendations now to get you started!

Did you know you can also earn points when you spend JPY1000? Find out more on: Rakuten Super Sale Tutorial: 3 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy & Earn Up to 10x Points!

Fashion that Costs 1,000 Yen Only on Rakuten

Double Line Ear Cuffs

If you don’t have ear piercing, this set of 2 ear cuffs is for you! The double-line design is fashionable and versatile, available in silver and gold. It can be worn without piercing as you can just slide it on your ear and it would stay in place!

Sale Price:RM32(JPY1,000

Mini Smartphone Pouch/Shoulder Bag

This crossbody bag features simple design and comes in 8 colours. It’s super lightweight with magnet closures; can hold 2 phones easily even though it’s small in size!

Sale Price:RM32(JPY1,000

3-Piece Set of Boxer Shorts

Made with 80% cotton, this set of high-waisted 3 boxer shorts is breathable and stretchy! Available in sizes from S to XL – great value as you get 3 shorts for JPY1000 now!

Sale Price:RM32(JPY1,000

Food that Costs 1,000 Yen Only on Rakuten

 ⚠️ Note: Please do not buy prohibited items that may contain chilled and refrigerated food, and check carefully before placing an order.

Coffee from Drip Coffee Factory

You can now get half price on popular coffee beans or ground coffee from Drip Coffee Factory – these are all roasted by Japan’s award-winning roaster!

Size:200g×2 packs

Sale Price:RM32(JPY1,000

Bite-sized Korokoro Baumkuchen

Comes in 4 different flavours, these bite-sized baumkuchen is a popular snacks in Japan! Its “best-before” date will be around a month from the delivery out date.


Sale Price:RM32(JPY1,000

Coffee Agar Jelly

Over seventy million package sold! It contains a lot of dietary fiber to help your digestion yet add no calories to the diet. A perfect match with milk, milk tea or coffee!


Sale Price:RM32(JPY1,000

Household that Costs 1,000 Yen Only on Rakuten

Water-absorbent Hair Towels

Made in Japan, one of the bestselling towels on Rakuten! Only towels that pass the “five-second rule” standards can be branded as an 今治毛巾 – Imabari Towel, which represents the highest quality. With the excellent water absorption quality, it reduces the time required for drying your hair after shower. Choose between 5 colours!

Size:37cm x 85cm

Sale Price:RM32(JPY1,000

Traditional Wooden Chopsticks

Each set contains 5 pairs of Japanese traditional chopsticks made of different woods, with exquisite craftmanship, this is a perfect option for personal use or as a gift!

Size:5 pairs, approx. 22.5cm

Sale Price:RM32(JPY1,000

Pet Hair Removers

A must-have for those with fur kids at home – here’s the best-selling pet hair removers! The silicone scraping head is useful for picking up the hair on carpet with a light scrape, making cleaning more convenient for any pet owners out there.

Size:35g, 15cm x 12cm

Sale Price:RM32(JPY1,000

Rakuten Japan Shopping Tutorial

Step 1: Go to the Buyandship Webiste , log in or register as a member.

Step 2:Fill in the member’s name, email address and set password, click “Member Registration” after completion. Then proceed with phone and email verification.

Step 3:Go to Rakuten Japan, select the product you like and click on the left to add to the shopping cart or click on the right to buy directly.

Step 4:After entering the shopping cart, change the delivery area to “Ibaraki Prefecture”. After confirming that the product is correct, you can go to the next page.

Step 5:Log in to Rakuten Japan membership, or click the red button on the right to apply.

日本樂天網購教學Step 5-註冊或登入樂天會員

Step 6:Fill out the delivery information. Open the Buyandship website「Warehouses」and select “Japan” to view more information

In the name part, in addition to fill in your name,don’t forget you should also fill in the Buyandship membership ID(e.g. MYXXXXXX)。

「フリガナ」Japanese name please heading to Name 變換君 or Japanese Name Converter to translate, enter your Chinese/English name, click “Convert”, you will have your own Japanese name, and then paste it to the Rakuten website.

Step 7:You can choose whether to register as a Rakuten member.

If you often shop on Rakuten, you are highly recommended to register as a member because the next time you shop, you don’t need to fill in the shipping address and credit card information again. You can also save points to use as money!

If you choose to register, you have to set a password.

日本樂天網購教學Step 8-進入付款頁並填寫信用卡資料

Step 8:After entering the payment page, fill in the credit card information to make a payment and click「次へ」

Step 9:After confirming that the order information is correct, click Submit Order. After placing your order, you will receive an email confirming your order

日本樂天網購教學Step 9-確認訂單資料無誤後,點擊提交訂單
日本樂天網購教學Step 10-當賣家發貨時,要盡快前往 Buyandship 網站申報貨件。

Step 10:When the seller ships, you will receive a shipping notification email. Go to the Buyandship website as soon as possible to declare the shipment.